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Coming August 2018 a steamy menage romance that’s out of this world!

Spirited Away
August 20th, 2018

Searching for enlightenment, Shanti Rodriguez retreats to an Indian ashram only to be stung by a scorpion at a tranquility pond. Certain she’s dead, Shanti discovers three things: the sexy blue angel who whisks her away is really an alien, their destination isn’t Heaven, it’s a spaceship, and she doesn’t have just one alien to contend with — there are two.

On their mission to find a soul mate on the forbidden planet known as Earth, twin brothers Chen and Hsing get more than they bargained for when they abduct the defiant human Shanti. She soon becomes the one thing they cannot live without. But their outer space adventure takes a turn for the worst when the brothers’ ship gets caught in the crossfires of war. To save themselves, their society, and the woman they love, Chen and Hsing will need to evade ruthless enemies and sneak back down to the forbidden planet, all while convincing the woman they cannot bear to part with that she is the mate to their souls’.

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